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Cardiac catheterization technologists, or cath lab techs, are one of the most important members of a cardiovascular team. They assist doctors with invasive cardiovascular procedures including cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, and electrophysiology procedures. A cath lab technologist helps calm cardiovascular patients, maintains their comfort during procedures, and assists in the cath lab with acquiring images and blood samples.

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Travel Cath Lab Tech FAQs

The cath lab tech salary depends on the experience of the cath lab tech as well as the location, facility, and assignment. The median cath lab tech salary was $60,940 in 2020 with most earning between $39,250 and $78,170 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Entry-level cath lab technologists or those with the lowest 10% salary earned around $30,140, while the highest 10% earned more than $96,790. Typically, travel cath lab jobs will provide considerably higher hourly and weekly pay than permanent cath lab positions in the same location, though this varies widely by assignment and the skills and experience of each traveler.

Rhode Island pays the highest average salary for cath lab tech jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics with an average annual wage of $85,590 and an hourly wage of $41.15, followed by Oregon ($82,810 per year, $39.81 per hour), California ($79,490 per year, $38.22 per hour), New Jersey ($78,850 per year, $37.91 per hour), and the District of Columbia ($78,040 per year, $37.52 per hour).

Seeking the highest-paying travel cath lab tech contract doesn't always mean that you should take lab tech travel jobs with the highest weekly salary. Factoring in the cost of living of each state can often give a better indication of what a travel cath lab tech can expect to earn from an assignment. When comparing the adjusted average cath lab tech weekly salary, Rhode Island is still the highest paying state, though there are only 160 listed as employed according to the BLS. Wisconsin, Georgia, New Jersey, and Colorado make up the top five highest paying states for cardiac and cath lab techs with at least 100 listed as employed.

A cardiac cath lab tech is a radiologic technologist who specializes in assisting physicians with procedures for cardiovascular patients such as heart catheterizations, angiography, angioplasties, vascular stenting, atherectomies, thrombectomies, valvuloplasties, balloon pumps and other procedures in a cath lab. A cath lab technologist scrubs in alongside the physician, often a cardiologist, performing procedures on cardiovascular patients, maintains the room, and requests additional supplies as needed from the circulator.

In the monitor role, the cath lab tech watches the hemodynamic monitoring system and reports any pertinent information to the physician/team. If they are ARRT certified, they may run the x-ray or fluoroscopy equipment during the cath lab patient procedure, which allows the physician to see inside the vessels to perform patient procedures.

Cath lab tech travel jobs are available all across the country in a variety of healthcare settings, from cutting edge hospitals and high tech facilities with cardiac catheterization labs to specialty clinics and surgical centers. Traveling provides cath lab technologists the opportunity to explore different parts of the country, whether you prefer quiet suburbs or busy cities. A travel cath lab tech can also gain valuable career experience, grow your technical expertise, and work with a wide variety of patients.

Travel Cath Lab Tech Jobs are available in:

  • Hospitals

  • Acute Care

  • Specialty Clinics

  • Outpatient and Clinical Settings

  • Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care Facilities

  • Home Health Services

  • Hospices

  • Surgical Centers

  • School and Education Centers

You will need to complete an associate of science degree or bachelor's degree in cardiovascular technology or a related field to become a cath lab technologist. These programs typically take two to four years to complete and include coursework in applied science like anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and patient care. After completing your degree program, you will need to complete a clinical internship or externship. This will provide you with hands-on experience working in a cath lab under the supervision of a licensed cath lab tech during a patient procedure to develop our technical expertise.

To work as a cath lab tech, you will need to obtain certification from a recognized professional organization, such as the Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) or the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Once you have obtained certification, you will need to maintain it by completing continuing education courses and meeting other requirements set forth by the certifying organization. Some facilities may require additional certifications such as basic life support (BLS).

Traveling as an allied health professional provides a number of personal and career benefits. Cath lab tech travel jobs provide competitive pay packages, as they are needed all across the country. Cardiovascular technologist and technician jobs are expected to grow by 8% by 2030 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It should be possible for those interested in traveling to find a cath lab tech job in facilities all over the country. Agencies also may also provide insurance benefits, travel reimbursement, housing stipends, reimbursement for licenses, and other perks depending on the contract.

Many travel cath lab techs find employment opportunities as med travelers through a recruitment agency, travel company or marketplace, which means you have better access to job boards to choose your shift assignments, schedule, location, and salary. When you begin browsing a cath lab tech job description, be sure to consider the assignment housing options, benefits like medical and dental, travel reimbursement, the guaranteed hours policy, and the recruiting company’s overall reputation.

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