Travel Nursing Jobs in Wyoming

Wyoming is an idyllic destination for travel nurses, offering a wealth of healthcare opportunities in a variety of settings. In particular, the stunning mountain ranges, rolling plains, and picturesque lakes create an ideal environment to work and live. Travel nurses can find positions in bustling cities like Casper and Cheyenne as well as in rural towns and communities across the state. From top-tier academic medical centers to small clinics and community hospitals, Wyoming provides a wide selection of healthcare facilities for travel nurses to explore.

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Wyoming Travel Nurse FAQ

The median salary for Registered Nurses in the state of Wyoming was $96,790 per year or $46.54 per hour in 2020 with most earning an annual salary between $83,420 and $110,220 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Entry-level jobs in Wyoming or those with the lowest 10% salary earned around $70,860, while the highest 10% earned more than $126,470. Wyoming ranks 3 in median annual salary for Registered Nurses, though when adjusted to the relative cost of living, Wyoming ranks at 18.

Typically, travel nursing jobs will provide higher hourly and weekly pay than permanent positions in the same specialty, facility, and location. The estimated weekly gross pay listed for travel Registered Nurses is based on the specified hours per week listed on job cards and includes available stipend amounts.

Yes, Wyoming is a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC).

Education & Licensure

The first step in becoming a travel nurse in Wyoming is to obtain your RN license. This requires completing an undergraduate nursing degree, either a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), and passing the NCLEX-RN examination. You must have an active RN license from the state of Wyoming or another compact state in order to practice as a travel nurse. Once you have obtained your license, you can begin applying for travel nursing jobs in Wyoming.

Licensure Resources

  • Board Address

  • Application (must create an account to apply)

  • How Long Does It Take to Get a License  45 business days; temp issued within 1-3 business days upon receipt of a complete application

  • License Fee $195

  • Compact state? Yes

  • NURSYS state? Yes

  • Walkthrough State? No

In Wyoming, nurses can find opportunities in vibrant cities such as Cheyenne and Casper or in more rural areas like Jackson and Cody. Whether you prefer a city lifestyle or one with a slower pace, Wyoming has something for everyone looking to pursue a nursing career.

Top Cities for Wyoming Travel Nursing Jobs

  • Cheyenne, WY

  • Jackson, WY

  • Casper, WY

  • Laramie, WY

  • Lander, WY

  • Worland, WY

  • Cody, WY

  • Gillete, WY

  • Wheatland, WY

  • Rock Springs, WY

Wyoming boasts some of the most stunning scenes in the USA. From Yellowstone National Park's geysers and thermal pools to Grand Teton National Park's towering rocky peaks, Wyoming has a plethora of outdoor activities for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

Hike through the Teton Wilderness or go birdwatching at Mormon Row Historic District - both nestled deep within Grand Teton National Park - and take in breathtaking views of alpine meadows surrounded by jagged mountain ridges. Make sure to keep an eye out for elk, bison, bald eagles, and other wildlife that call these areas home!

Heading east into Wyoming's high-elevation plateaus visitors can explore colorful badlands or unique geological formations such as Devils Tower or Vedauwoo Rock Park. You can also marvel at fossils on display at The Tate Geological Museum before taking a dip in one of Wyoming's hot springs, including Lander Hot Springs and Thermopolis Hot Springs - both offering special soaking experiences amidst spectacular landscapes.

From its rolling hillsides to its blue-ribbon streams - Wyoming is full of endless possibilities for those eagerly seeking exploration! Whether you're looking for adventures like river rafting down Snake River or just want to take it easy with some fishing at one of the state's many lakes - this wild western state is sure to provide an unforgettable experience that you'll never forget!

Many travel nurses find work through recruitment agencies and marketplaces, which means you have better access to job boards to choose your schedule, location, and salary. When you begin browsing for an assignment, be sure to consider the housing options, the benefits, the guaranteed hour's policy, and the recruiting company’s overall reputation.

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