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Washington is a great destination for travel nurses looking to explore the Pacific Northwest and gain new skills. With its stunning mountain ranges, vibrant cities, and rural areas with plenty of outdoor activities, Washington offers something for everyone. From hospitals to clinics to medical centers throughout the state, nursing jobs in Washington are plentiful and provide an exciting opportunity for travel nurses to experience all that this beautiful state has to offer.

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Washington Travel Nurse FAQ

The median salary for Registered Nurses in the state of Washington was $89,650 per year or $43.1 per hour in 2020 with most earning an annual salary between $74,730 and $107,740 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Entry-level jobs in Washington or those with the lowest 10% salary earned around $65,400, while the highest 10% earned more than $125,970. Washington ranks 7 in median annual salary for Registered Nurses, though when adjusted to the relative cost of living, Washington ranks at 6.

Typically, travel nursing jobs will provide higher hourly and weekly pay than permanent positions in the same specialty, facility, and location. The estimated weekly gross pay listed for travel Registered Nurses is based on the specified hours per week listed on job cards and includes available stipend amounts.

Washington is not currently a part of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC).

Education & Licensure

If you're looking to become a travel nurse in Washington, there are a few steps you'll need to take. First, you'll need to get your Registered Nurse (RN) license. This requires an undergraduate nursing degree and passing the NCLEX-RN examination. Once you have your RN license, you can start applying for travel nursing jobs in Washington.

Licensure Resources

Washington State offers nurses countless career opportunities within its vibrant cities, such as Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, and Everett. Alternatively, they can explore the breathtaking natural beauty of Washington State with attractions such as Olympic National Park or Mount Rainier National Park. With a variety of options available to them, Washington State is an ideal destination for nurses seeking enjoyable work and exciting adventures.

Top Cities for Washington Travel Nursing Jobs

  • Seattle, WA

  • Tacoma, WA

  • Spokane, WA

  • Everett, WA

  • Olympia, WA

  • Bellevue, WA

  • Silverdale, WA

  • Kirkland, WA

  • Yakima, WA

  • Mount Vernon, WA

Washington State is a paradise for travelers, offering something special for everyone. From stunning mountain ranges and lush forests to majestic rivers and scenic coastline - it won't take long until you find yourself captivated by its charm!

The Cascade Range is one of the most striking features of Washington State. With towering peaks reaching up to an impressive 14,000 feet above sea level, this range offers breathtaking views perfect for hikers, skiers, and snowboarders alike. One of the best places to explore the range is at Mount Rainier National Park - home to glacier-capped mountains, pristine alpine meadows, dense old-growth forests, raging rivers, and waterfalls! Not only can visitors admire its beauty but they also have plenty of opportunities to go camping, fishing or even rock climbing here!

Another popular outdoor destination in Washington is Olympic National Park - where visitors can explore miles of captivating beaches along the Pacific coast as well as trek along ancient glacial valleys filled with wildflowers or wander through old-growth rainforests abundant with wildlife such as black bears and elk.

But that’s not all – Washington has plenty more nature gems waiting to be discovered. Hike through the North Cascades National Park or kayak along the Columbia River Gorge for a truly unforgettable experience; explore Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument; spend some time at Lake Chelan or visit Manastash Ridge – with each region offering something unique and special.

When it comes to food, Washington promises plenty of delicious flavors sure satisfy any appetite. Enjoy classic dishes such as seafood chowder served up on freshly baked bread or homemade macaroni and cheese made with locally sourced ingredients. Or if you’re looking for something more adventurous try out the unforgettable Seattle-style hot dogs topped with cream cheese! And don’t forget dessert either – Visit Big Dipper Doughnuts in Seattle for their signature treats such as chocolate caramel doughnuts or banana walnut coconut cream puffs that are sure to have your taste buds dancing in delight!

And when it comes to shopping, no trip to Washington is complete without a visit to Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market - full of fresh produce from local farmers, handmade crafts from small businesses, tasty treats from artisanal bakers, and much more! Plus there are plenty more eclectic shopping districts located throughout the state where you can pick up souvenirs or simply browse around stalls full of unique items from across the world.

Overall Washington offers endless possibilities when it comes to exploring nature's beauty from rugged mountainscapes perfect for skiing & snowboarding; mesmerizing waterfalls cascading off cliffs; deep river gorges ideal for kayaking adventures; winding trails through old-growth forests; breathtaking coastal views ideal for beachcombing…and so much more! Whether you're planning a romantic getaway or simply seeking an adventure - this remarkable state promises an experience unlike any other!

Many travel nurses find work through recruitment agencies and marketplaces, which means you have better access to job boards to choose your schedule, location, and salary. When you begin browsing for an assignment, be sure to consider the housing options, the benefits, the guaranteed hour's policy, and the recruiting company’s overall reputation.

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