Travel ICU Nurse Jobs in Alabama

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) RNs use advanced skills to care for individuals who are critically ill and at high risk for life-threatening health problems. Those admitted to an intensive care unity include, but aren’t limited to, heart attack, stroke, shock, severe trauma, or respiratory distress, multiple organ failure, sepsis, and other critical conditions. Because of the critical nature of the patients, it is standard that an ICU nurse only has one or two patients on a shift.

While ICU nursing can be demanding, it offers you the opportunity to make an impact as a travel nurse anywhere there is an intensive care unit in the country. Travel nursing can be an exciting and rewarding career, especially for those who are excited about experiencing new places and meeting new people. There are many benefits to working as an ICU travel nurse, such as an increased income, professional development opportunities, and gaining experience in areas outside of your own geographic region.

37 Alabama Travel ICU Nurse jobs available

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