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Experience the joys of travel life and live your passion as a medical laboratory technician. Laboratory professionals are in demand around the country, and Fusion Marketplace offers employment for travel laboratory jobs in every kind of facility and location. Our agencies staff medical lab techs from a variety of areas, whether you're a clinical laboratory scientist (CLS), cytotechnologist, HT/HTL, lab assistant, medical lab technician (MLT), medical technologist (MT/MLS), pathology assistant, phlebotomist or lab director.

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Travel Laboratory FAQ

There are many different medical laboratory jobs available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. The highest paying medical laboratory jobs are typically those that require the most education and experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average for Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians is $27 an hour with a salary of $58,000 per year. There is always a demand for medical lab tech roles including medical technologists, medical lab technicians, clinical lab techs, and medical lab scientist professionals and as a result, you can earn rewarding life experiences, competitive pay packages, and great benefits as a travel medical technologist.


Hospital laboratories are on-site within the hospital/hospital campus and receive patient specimens from the hospital and associated clinics. The types of services performed by a medical lab tech depends on the size of the hospital and generally include, at least, core lab functions performing hematology, chemistry, coagulation, and urinalysis. Additional services may include blood banking, microbiology, pathology, and many other specialty laboratories.

Reference Labs

Some hospitals do not have the equipment to do more elaborate testing, especially small hospitals or those in rural areas. These hospitals will then send samples to reference labs that specialize in providing more diverse and in-depth testing where a medical lab tech analyzes the samples. This is also the most cost-effective method.

A travel medical technologist helps provide healthcare services to areas that would otherwise be underserved, but they also get the benefit of being able to get more out of their skills, experience new places, and find new challenges in their career as a clinical laboratory scientist. Medical Laboratory Techs are in high demand, so not only do you get to take control of your career, you can get competitive pay for your work while you travel, work in exclusive facilities, and explore the nation.

While compensation offers can vary depending on the contract or agency offering, pay packages for travel laboratory jobs typically have four major components: hourly taxable wages, meals and incidentals, housing, and travel.

Hourly Pay

Full-time lab technicians working at healthcare facilities receive a salary, but most travel allied health employers offer hourly wages. Every pay package must include a taxable hourly wage, and the amount can vary depending on the shift, location, and specialty required of the assignment.


Housing payments can be included in a payment from a staffing agency. This is typically offered in two ways when you take on an allied travel job. Either the company is providing housing, or the traveler is taking the housing stipend. It is more beneficial for the traveler to take the housing stipend for two primary reasons. First, they will have a choice of where they will stay. Everyone’s definitions of comfort and acceptable are different. The second reason the housing stipend is more beneficial for them is that it can be given as a nontaxable amount.

Meals and Incidentals

Also known as per diems, meal and incidental stipends provide a daily budget for daily living expenses. These standards vary depending on the cost of living in cities and states across the country.

Travel Expenses

Travel is the last portion of the pay package. Many recruiters may not even offer travel and instead put that money into the per diems or housing for their traveler, so they are receiving the benefits over the entire contract, not just at the very beginning or end of the contract. While a travel stipend can be used to cover the cost of a flight for the traveler, it is often used to subsidize the traveler’s expenses to and from an assignment. Travel expenses can be offered as a reimbursement rate per mile, though many agencies will opt to offer a flat rate to and from an assignment.

The first step is to create your travel profile on Fusion Marketplace. In this, you upload your licenses and certifications, share your employment history and provide references. Important information such as education can also be included. With a traveler profile, you only have to input your credentials once and then use your profile information to apply for travel therapy assignments across the country, accelerating your career.

Whether you’re in search of your very first travel assignment or you have built a travel med lab career, Fusion Marketplace helps you market yourself as a healthcare professional to find your next adventure with great pay and complete agency, job, and pay transparency. Making the unknowns known, Fusion Marketplace gives you the power to decide what’s best for you.