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Travel therapy professionals are in demand around the country, and Fusion Marketplace provides is the perfect place to search for travel therapy jobs. Here, you have the freedom to compare perks and benefits offered by staffing agencies in one place - including pay packages, 401k plans, medical, and dental insurance. So create a profile and find your next job today!

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Travel Therapy FAQ

Is it possible to work as a Travel Therapist?

Yes! There are travel therapy jobs everywhere in the United States for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. The typical travel therapy length is 13 weeks long and most agencies offer health insurance and health benefits. Therapists can find a travel therapy job in healthcare facilities including hospitals, outpatient facilities, rehabilitation clinics, home health, long-term care facilities, and skilled nursing home facilities.

The great thing about travel therapy is that it offers a lot of flexibility. You can choose the length of your contract, the places you want to go, and the type of therapy you want to do.

What Travel Therapy Jobs are Staffed on Fusion Marketplace?

  • Physical Therapist

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants

  • Physical Therapy Assistant

Other allied travel jobs include respiratory therapists, cardiopulmonary, laboratory, and radiology positions.

Finding Your Next Travel Therapy Job with Fusion Marketplace

The first step is to create your travel profile on Fusion Marketplace. In this, you upload your licenses and certifications, share your employment history and provide references. Important information such as education can also be included. With a traveler profile, you only have to input your credentials once and then use your profile information to apply for travel therapy assignments across the country, accelerating your career.

Whether you’re in search of your very first travel assignment or you have built a travel therapy career, Fusion Marketplace helps you market yourself as a healthcare professional to find your next adventure with great pay and complete agency, job, and pay transparency. Making the unknowns known, Marketplace gives you the power to decide what’s best for you.