Orthopedic Travel Nurse Jobs

Orthopedic nurses are responsible for assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the care of patients. This includes carrying out the nursing process, following up with physicians and specialists, communicating with family members and caregivers, and educating patients. Orthopedic nurses can work in the operating room, typically assisting surgeons with procedures like total join replacements, arthroscopy, spinal fusion, or trauma. Ortho nurses can also work on hospital floors assisting orthopedic patients during post-surgery treatment and rehabilitation. Orthopedic outpatient clinics also employ registered nurses, usually assisting in preparation for a surgery, providing education on mobility assisting devices, or applying splints or casts to patients.

Travel nursing can be an exciting and rewarding career, especially for those who are excited about experiencing new places and meeting new people. There are many benefits to working as a travel ortho nurse, such as an increased income, professional development opportunities, and gaining experience in areas outside of your own geographic region.

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