LTAC Travel Nurse Jobs

LTAC RNs - or Long-Term Acute Care Nurses - provide care for patients who have multiple, long-term, and complex medical needs. Long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) are often misunderstood as being similar to long-term care (LTC)/nursing homes/skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). But LTACHs provide a much higher level of care than nursing homes/SNFs. LTAC RNs specialize in the treatment of patients with serious medical conditions that require care on an ongoing basis but no longer require intensive care or extensive diagnostic procedures. These patients are typically discharged from intensive care units and require more care than they can receive in a rehabilitation center, SNF, or at home. They often require prolonged ventilator use or weaning, ongoing dialysis for chronic renal failure, intensive respiratory care, multiple IV medications or transfusions, and/or complex wound care. Nurses in LTACHs need to be highly skilled and adaptable.

Travel nursing can be an exciting and rewarding career, especially for those who are excited about experiencing new places and meeting new people. There are many benefits to working as a traveler, such as an increased income, professional development opportunities, and gaining experience in areas outside of your own geographic region.

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