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Med/Surg RN

Memphis, TN


48 hrs
* Estimated wages and expense reimbursement. Does not include taxes, insurance, or other deductions that may occur.

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Facility Type

Short Term Acute Care Hospital

Number Of Beds


Trauma Center


Pediatric Trauma Center


Charting System

Centricity, Netsmart, Optum, Oracle Cerner, Oracle Cerner - HealtheLife 2015.01, Oracle Cerner - Millennium 2015.01, Oracle Cerner - Oracle Cerner-Millennium, Oracle Cerner - Oracle Cerner-PowerChart



Assignment Length




Call off policy

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At Amare Medical Network, we specialize in matching nursing and allied health professionals with jobs they love. We understand you want more flexibility, better benefits, higher pay, and a supportive working environment where your skills are valued in exactly the way you deserve. Our purpose is to care for the people we work with and work for and we strive to Deliver Care Worthy of a Million Smiles through meaningful interactions with caregivers, clients, corporate staff and patients. Our mission is simple, we strive to be a fast-growing and admired medical staffing company that attracts & retains premier care providers, corporate staff and clients. We are known for our values-driven culture of: • Being Passionate & Caring • Creating Fun & Happiness • Building Open & Honest Relationships • Being Resourceful • Being Humble & Kind

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