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Pathologist Assistant

Pittsburgh, PA


40 hrs
* Estimated wages and expense reimbursement. Does not include taxes, insurance, or other deductions that may occur.

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Facility Type

Short Term Acute Care Hospital

Number Of Beds


Trauma Center

Level I

Pediatric Trauma Center


Charting System

DocASAP, Epic, Epic Systems Corporation - Epic Systems Corporation-MyChart



Assignment Length




Call off policy

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Job Quantity




There are agencies that take care of your logistics, and then there are agencies that give you agency — over your own career, your own job placements, and your own life. Coast Medical Service is a travel healthcare agency helping nurses and Allied Healthcare Professionals across the country and in Guam to find handpicked assignments best suited to helping them achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals. Coast prides themselves on our longstanding reputation placing temp healthcare workers where they are most needed. Since 1979, Coast Medical Service has operated as a family-owned business, serving thousands of the highest-performing healthcare professionals over the years, establishing close relationships with each to ensure their ongoing success in the traveling healthcare industry. We offer exceptionally competitive pay, a schedule you can set up yourself based on your terms, and the opportunity to see the world, changing travel healthcare assignments every few weeks, months, or years, as desired. We have been ranked in the top national agencies for this purpose for multiple reasons — we offer extensive benefits, we have stellar communication skills, and you will quickly find we are the most trustworthy agency around. You are not a transaction to us. You are a teammate, and a family member. We can’t wait to talk to you, and get you set up for your first job placement through Coast Medical Service.

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