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Your healthcare career journey starts with you. With Fusion Marketplace, you’ll gain full control of how, where, and when you work as a healthcare Traveler. Because it’s not about finding a healthcare job, it’s about finding the right healthcare job for you.

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With healthcare staffing jobs all over the country, Fusion Marketplace gives you the support and transparency you need to take charge of your career. Find the traveling healthcare jobs you’re looking for across multiple agencies with one search.

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More Job Visibility

Advanced search capabilities give you quicker healthcare job results that are tailored to your interests, allowing you to compare job benefits and pay packages.

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Simplified Application Process

Get the job you want faster. Spending less time on paperwork means less time waiting to start the next step and more time advancing your healthcare career.

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Custom Career Experience

Looking for your ideal healthcare job is personal, which is why you should have more control over your options. Your career is in your hands!

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