Care Team Solutions

Buffalo, New York
Care Team Solutions


401k retirement plan
Referral bonus
Medical, Dental, Vision: Highmark Health. Insurance goes into effect the first of the month and active through the end of the last month worked.
  • Compliance costs covered
  • Student loan, license, parking, and certification reimbursements
  • Completion bonus

Agency Description

Two brothers who give an enormous damn. We're Justin and Kyle. Neither of us are nurses. It doesn’t take a nurse to see that the way travel nurses are treated sucks. Nursing is already hard enough. Travel nursing takes serious guts. You get the toughest assignments in places you’ve never been. Which can be fun, but it’s also stressful. You’re in your element but outside of your hometown. You can be a stranger on the team. If anyone deserves someone in their corner, it’s you. But that’s not how most agencies operate. Which is why travel nurses hate working with them. We got into this business because we saw bucket-loads of nurses moving through the "churn and burn" travel machinery. We absolutely hate that. You'll do your best work when you have the placements you want and feel fully supported in your work. We pay our people well because we want them to treat you well. Our recruiters are amazing (we picked each of them ourselves), but if you've got a problem too big for them, they can come straight to us. We work like ten feet away. The "Churners and Burners" promise you the same benefits. They might as well copy/paste them from each other. We have them too: • 401k, holiday pay, healthcare, dental, travel reimbursement, etc But we've worked hard for you to enjoy some one-of-a-kind benefits you'll not likely find anywhere else, because they benefit you more than they benefit us: • Our early pay program • Student loan reimbursement • Free well-being tele-visits wi
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