Axis Medical Staffing

Seattle, Washington
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Axis Medical Staffing
401k retirement plan
4% match, immediate vesting
Referral bonus
$500 if referred Travel RNs complete at least 8-wk contract
  • United Medical Coverage - 1st of the month after contract starts
  • 4 options - Single, Emp/Spouse, Emp/Kids, Family
  • Reimbursements
  • Agency Housing
  • Pet Deposits
Axis is not your average corporate “big box” staffing company. We’re not sleazy business people in bad suits pushing around resumes, lying or overselling positions. On the other hand, we’re not a tiny, inexperienced company either, we have the same amount of nationwide positions as those giant, corporate staffing companies and have been placing top talent in adventurous careers since 2004. We excel in the fact that we won't waste your time. It's easy to apply and it's easy to contact us. No gimmicks, just effective communication. We are personable, real folks working for you. We also don't really like forms. When we ditched the suits in their office, we ditched the 20-page applications and massive upfront skills checklists that you've been wasting your time filling out with other companies. You'll notice the laid-back culture and more!
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