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Talented healthcare professionals are ready when you are

When you need healthcare professionals, partnering with Marketplace can give you fast access to high quality candidates to fill your staffing needs. From Traveler to healthcare provider, we’re in this together.

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Put your agency at the forefront of a Traveler-driven marketplace. The staff you’re looking for thrives on a variety of choices all on one platform. Everything you need to get these top-quality healthcare professionals is available with Marketplace.

How Marketplace works for you

Traveler first

Marketplace creates an easier experience for healthcare Travelers, reducing the barriers for more healthcare professionals to enter the market.

Happier travelers

What’s best for Travelers is best for agencies. Marketplace builds partnerships that put the power back in the hands of the Traveler.

Better tools

Providing resources for your staff will enhance your relationship with your Travelers and give them the tools to develop their healthcare careers.

Lower costs

Reduce rising acquisition costs and combat additional fees associated with third-party vendors by tapping into Marketplace’s candidate flow.

Partner with us

Fill out the form to request more information about how your staffing agency can partner with the first Marketplace of its kind. A partnership allows you to find the best healthcare Travelers out there.